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The main direction of the enterprise is the development and production of modern highly efficient and energy-saving compressor equipment, which is implemented on an innovative and engineering basis, as well as modernization and technical re-equipment of industrial facilities.

In our production, we use the most reliable and proven technologies aimed at low-cost production of compressed air, which formed the basis for the creation of compressor units and stations – modern energy-saving equipment with high indicators of economy and reliability.


Compressor equipment for compressing ZVH

Installations of this type are intended for obtaining high-pressure compressed air, which is used in high-voltage air switches and other systems at nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric power stations and electrical substations of electrical networks of mining works; arrangement of oil and gas wells, and other necessary industries, where the presence of nitrogen is necessary for technical purposes, creation of supercharging of an inert environment and prevention of fire and explosive situations.

Standard delivery set:

  • The design consists of a frame-mounted compressor connected to the electric motor by a sleeve-finger coupling.
  • Compressor units are supplied with electric motors, intermediate coolers, automation system, a set of spare parts, a set of accessories and tools, operational documentation.

Additional equipment:

  • Automation system
  • Cooling system
  • Different climatic performance
  • Engine hours counter
  • Check valve
  • Receiver

Centrifugal separators for cleaning environments

At the end of the 1940s, the plant mastered the production of the NSM-3 oil purification unit, on its basis, the PSM 1-3000 units were designed, which were replaced by the more productive PSM 2-4 and CM 2-4 units in the 1960s.

During this period, the product won its customers due to the optimal combination of cost and consumer properties, became a mass product in its segment in the CIS, near and far abroad. Suffice it to say that all power plants and transformer substations use PTMZ OJSC products.


Operating experience shows that quality and reliability are one of the reasons for maintaining a steady demand for these products until now. Some installations have been operating for 30-40 years. If we talk about the technical level of products, then it has always been quite high, and many solutions of the plant’s technical specialists engaged in design and production have become advanced for their time. It is enough to remember:

Separator units for the cleaning and drying of transformer and other mineral oils were produced for the first time in a block version, ready for operation according to their purpose
The use of an electric heater connected to a vacuum tank, where the source oil, being heated in the electric heater, transfers thermal energy to the separated oil, from which the vacuum system removes moisture vapor dissolved in the lubricant.

It is quite obvious that products that have been produced for a long time cannot be modern and perfect throughout this period. The product must be continuously improved in view of modern product requirements.

Today, OJSC “PTMZ” can offer the consumer 3 models of oil cleaning equipment.

General industrial compressor stations and installations

Screw compressor units driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 6-100m3 and a final excess pressure of 5-15 bar, designed for supplying compressed air to various systems of pneumatic machines, tools and equipment in all industries.

Due to their exceptional technical characteristics, screw compressor units are used in various industries:

  • oil and gas processing;
  • mechanical engineering and shipbuilding;
  • energy;
  • metallurgy;
  • chemical industry;
  • medicine;
  • production of polyethylene;
  • cooling systems;
  • construction (when working with dry substances, such as sand and cement);
  • use as a drive on installations that use the energy of compressed air;
  • use as an oxidizer in combustion zones for blowing.

Other products

Concern “NIKMAS” (which includes JSC “NVAT “VNDIkompressormash”, Sumy – the main institute in Ukraine for the development and implementation of advanced technologies in compressor construction, official dealer and authorized service center of TD “NIKMAS” LLC) manufactures and supplies various types of compressor machines to all countries near and far abroad. All supplied products are accompanied by service, spare parts, consumables, including special oils and means for cleaning oil systems, which ensures long-term reliable and efficient operation of the equipment.

Specialists of JSC “NVAT” VNDIkompressormash” carried out extensive experimental work on the selection of the component composition of high-quality domestic oil for screw compressors manufactured by the “NIKMAS” concern.


As a result of long-term research, the employees of the NIKMAS concern developed a series of oils “Compreol” for the operation of screw air compressors. These oils are manufactured using unique technologies and ensure long-term and reliable operation of compressors with high efficiency. The trademark “Compreol” is protected in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. For 17 years, we have received positive feedback on the performance of screw compressors of various brands operated with Compreol series oils in various conditions and countries.

Compressor equipment for rolling stock

There are two versions of CT compressors:

  • General industrial performance.
  • Implementation of railway transport (MPS).

General industrial performance:

Compressors KT6, KT7 and KT6El are designed to obtain compressed air necessary for supplying consumers at power stations, construction and other industries

The KT7 compressor differs from the KT6 compressor in the direction of rotation of the crankshaft, fan and oil pump (counter-clockwise when viewed from the drive side).

The KT6El compressor differs from the KT6 compressor in the absence of unloading devices in the valve boxes and the presence of an electric oil heater in the compressor body with a voltage of 50 V and a power of 660 W.

These compressors are not intended for installation on locomotives (rolling stock) of both mainline and industrial railway transport.


Execution for railway transport (MPS):

It is intended for obtaining compressed air, necessary for powering braking and other pneumatic systems and devices of rolling stock of railway transport.


  • Long period of operation;
  • High reliability;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Unification of parts of the entire series of compressors;
  • Low oil consumption.

Compressor units for drilling machines

Compressor units of the BB series for drilling rigs with a screw compressor and drive from an electric motor (BB-25/8 U1, BB-40/8 U1 – with a diesel drive) are designed for supplying compressed air to drilling rigs, for cleaning wells from drilling products and cooling drilling fluid tool

Standard set:

  • compressor unit
  • electric motor
  • air filter
  • oil pan-frame
  • oil separator
  • oil cooling unit
  • fan heater
  • control panel
  • a set of ZIP
    Additional options: completeness of the compressor installation with a control cabinet equipped with a frequency control unit, a soft start unit of the electric motor.

Mobile welding units

The ADD-3001M1 U1 welding unit is intended for use as an autonomous power source of one post during manual arc welding, cutting and surfacing of metal with direct current.

The design of the unit ensures its operable condition during operation in the environmental conditions listed below:

  • ambient air temperature from -40 to +400C,
  • slightly more than 1000 m above sea level;
  • relative air humidity (monthly average value) up to 80% at +20ºС.

The unit is intended for operation outdoors in field conditions.

The execution of the unit is general industrial.

The unit includes the following main components:

  • welding generator
  • diesel engine
  • connecting clutch
  • frame
  • diesel control panel
  • rechargeable battery (not included)
  • fuel system
  • body

The scope of supply includes a set of protective equipment.


Pumping equipment

Pump units mobile AND-100, ANE-100, AND-100-01 and portable AND-100-02 are designed for pumping water during irrigation, drainage, construction and installation and other outdoor works in field conditions.

We offer pumping equipment for the following industries:

  • Oil and gas;
  • Chemical;
  • Pulp and paper;
  • Energy;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • General purpose.

Rotary compressors


Rotary compressors BP type BP and GR driven by an electric motor are designed to create a vacuum or to compress and supply air and other non-aggressive to steel and cast iron, non-toxic and non-hazardous gases that do not contain oil, explosion-proof in the conditions of the flow part, not containing droplet liquid and mechanical impurities, in the conditions of various technological processes in all branches of industry.

The basic completeness of delivery of the rotary compressor VR:

  • rotor block with a three-blade rotor profile;
  • frame with an air collector;
  • suction filter-muffler;
  • electric motor of general industrial performance;
  • belting;
  • fence;
  • check valve;
  • bypass valve;
  • vibration dampers;
  • manometer;
  • filter clogging indicator;
  • a set of equipment (includes oil in the amount required for a one-time replacement, a filter sleeve, a set of belts);
  • operating documentation (operating manual; form).


  • noise-absorbing casing;
  • start valve;
  • cooler;
  • control cabinet (with direct start, with “star/delta” system, with soft start, with frequency converter);
  • electric motor: explosion-proof purpose, general industrial purpose, adapted for frequency regulation;

Electric underhood space heaters

Operating conditions of VR rotary compressors:

  • ambient temperature from minus 35 to +50 °C;
  • pollination of the environment no more than 10 mg/m³;
  • relative air humidity is 75% at +15 °C.

Climatic execution of U2 or U3. If necessary, a different climate version of the compressor is possible.


  • Food Industry;
  • housing and communal services;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • metallurgical industry;
  • energy industry;
  • woodworking industry;
  • construction industry;
  • medicine.


  • a wide range of performance and pressure;
  • a wide range of performance and pressure;
  • lack of oil in compressed air;
  • stability of operating indicators throughout the service life;
  • low level of energy consumption;
  • minimal operating costs.

Mine compressor equipment

Designed for supplying compressed air to pneumatic tools and mechanism drives in underground mine workings and mine superstructures.



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