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JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” in partnership with specialized companies performs a full range of works and services for  implementation of projects of repair and modernization of steam turbine and auxiliary equipment of power plants and industrial enterprises. The list of works and services includes engineering and design, diagnostics and troubleshooting, manufacturing and supply of equipment, installation supervisor and installation of supplied equipment, commissioning and adjustment works, warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance.


In addition to power plants, our customers are industrial enterprises in the metallurgy, mining, coke-chemical, food and other industries that have their own power generating capacities, as well as turbines used as drives.


Manufacture of parts and components of turbines, feed pums, turbo blowers

We produce and deliver

Nodes and parts of the flow part of turbines:

  • rotor TsVD, TSD, CND together
  • ragged working wheels
  • packs of shoulder blades
  • blades working TsVD, TsD, TsND with different types of roots
  • blades
  • nozzle and guide devices and blades for them
  • diaphragm clamps
  • diaphragms are welded and cast
  • final seals
  • sealing rings, clamps are welded and cast

Nodes and parts of steam distribution and regulation of turbines:

  • steam boxes of isolating valves
  • security machines
  • stop and control valves
  • valve servo motor
  • cam distribution devices
  • speed regulators without joints rs3000-5, membrane-tape, centrifugal
  • blocks of valves, blocks of pressure regulators, blocks of speed regulators, valves, seats, rods, bushings, valves, knuckle

Nodes and parts of turbines:

  • cylinder bodies
  • sliding bearings are backing, persistent, backing-persistant.
  • pads are persistent, cotters(details)
  • hard couplings, toothed couplings, cam couplings and frictional couplings
  • centrifugal and toothed oil pumps
  • shaft-rotating devices
  • non-return valves, braid type valves and safety valves
  • gear and worm gears
  • pins and nuts, springs of various types

Nodes and parts of feeding pumps:

  • flow parts in the assembly, rotor, internal housings
  • launchers
  • rigid and semi-flexible couplings
  • bushings
  • sleeves
  • jackets
  • unloading disks

Industrial pipeline fittings:

  • regulating valves of the RK-1 type with a diameter from 150 mm to 1000 mm
  • control lever valves with a diameter from 300 mm to 700 mm

Spare parts for steam turbines:

  • rated power up to 800 mW
  • of all types (k, t, p, r, pt, in, tr, ptr)
  • production – LMZ, KTZ, UTMZ, KhTGZ, BMZ, siemens, ge and other factories

Spare parts for feeding pumps types:

ospt-1150, ospt-1150m, mon-1135-340, mon-1500-350, mon-1135-340-4a, ospt-1150m-4, mon-1150-340-4, mon-1500-350-4a, PN-1500-350-4M, PN-1500-350-4AM, PTN-950-350, PTN-1150-340, PTN-1500-350, PG-220-280, PEN-600-320

Spare parts for NPP steam turbines:

  • up to 220-44, up to 500-65, up to 750-65
  • drive turbines of turbo blowers in the metallurgical industry
  • akv-12, akv-14, akv-18, vkv-22, k-15, k-19, t-30-90 (nzl)

Spare parts for drive turbines in the chemical industry:

  • gt-103, gt-101, gt-201

Spare parts for energy equipment of mining and beneficiation plants:

  • exhausters
  • overheating settings
  • traction machines

Modernization of turbine equipment

JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant“  develops and implements modernization projects of existing steam turbines with a capacity of up to 300 MW.

The main tasks that are solved by the modernization of steam turbines:

  • increase of thermal and electric capacity;
  • increasing efficiency;
  • increase in reliability and maintainability;
  • increased maneuverability;
  • restoration of the work resource;
  • improvement of operational characteristics

The main technical solutions implemented in JSC “PTMZ” steam turbine modernization projects:

  • modernization of flow parts with the production of nodes of a new, more advanced design with improved technical and economic indicators;
  • modernization of the heating scheme of flanges and studs;
  • optimization of temperature expansions;
  • modernization of steam distribution and regulation units with the introduction of a modern electro-hydraulic regulation system;
  • supply of modern systems of control of mechanical quantities and vibration of the turbine;
  • repair or replacement of auxiliary equipment;
  • tying of new equipment to the existing conditions of the station.

When implementing steam turbine equipment modernization projects, JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” is ready to undertake contracting, service and chief installation services. The service department of the plant provides support for the operation of modernized equipment.

Repair of parts of turbine assemblies, feed pumps, turbo blowers

JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” in factory conditions carries out repairs with restoration or replacement of:

  • nodes of the flow part (assembled rotors, working vanes, working wheels, diaphragms, diaphragm cages and end seals) of cylinder bodies;
  • regulation and steam distribution nodes of steam turbines;
  • flow parts of feed pumps;
  • support and support-thrust bearings (with babbitt re-filling), etc.

Poltava Turbomechanical Plant JSC provides services in:

  • diagnostics of rotors;
  • balancing of rotors;
  • grinding, boring of rotor necks;
  • restoration of places under rolling bearings.

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