Thermal cutting machines for «Nicmas» Concern

«Poltava Turbomechanical Plant» is constantly working to improve production technology, reduce costs and improve product quality.

One of the decisions taken to speed up the provision of production in procurement operations was the purchase of a thermal cutting machine.

CNC cutting machine refers to stationary equipment designed for contour cutting of flat metal materials using oxy-acetylene or plasma cutting technology. Programming basic cutting contours (so-called standard contours), can be executed directly in the machine control system or in any CAD/CAM system with subsequent processing in ESSI or EIA format (“word address”).

The material cutting process is based on the combustion of preheated material with oxygen. The material to be cut is preheated with a mixture of oxygen and combustible gas (acetylene, propane, natural gas, etc.). The cut itself is then created by blowing out the burning material with the cutting oxygen nozzle.

With the help of this thermal cutting machine, it became possible to cut blanks of any configuration from sheet metal with a thickness of 5 – 120 mm with smooth edges without additional processing.

“Nicmas” concern is constantly developing, learning and looking for new solutions to problems, improving.