Spring means plans and beginnings!

Vyshnyakova Liliya Serhiyivna, head of the legal department of JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”, has two people under her command and has been working at the company for 10 months.

– What university did you graduate from?

– She graduated from the National Law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, majoring in lawyer.

– What is unique about your profession?

– Multitasking and versatility are what make it possible to constantly develop. The most important thing is that a lawyer constantly works on evaluative thinking.

– Lily, do you have a monotonous job?

– No! This is unplanned work. For lawyers, as for doctors, we solve issues as they come along with existing planned tasks. The issues are different, all factors and dynamism in the country must be constantly considered. Our work is not monotonous at all.

– How much work do you do per day?

– It is impossible to say unequivocally, but three or four orders per working day, it must be understood that these are situational changes or the implementation of individual orders of the management, the introduction of innovations. Extensive contractual work is carried out every day. But work with court disputes that drag on, and this is constantly in the work because new circumstances arise, the preparation of documents always requires very careful work.

– Are you the right hand of management?

– No, our manager is a self-sufficient person. I would say that we are a team.

– In mechanical engineering, mostly men work, how do you cope and find an approach?

– The approach can be found when it is a problem for you. This is not a problem for me, working with men is, firstly, all my colleagues, and secondly, it is much easier for me than working with women.

– Did any interesting moments happen?

– Everything is in working order. Every day can be called interesting.

– What do you consider the main achievement of the company?

– The main achievement now is that we are not only working, but we have plans for the development of our activities. We work stably, provide jobs and social guarantees for employees. Nowadays, the achievement is maintaining sufficient economic indicators and supporting employees – this is the main achievement of the enterprise.

– What do you like most about the company?

– I really like the team. This is the most valuable thing and the key to a good mood.

– Do you have any hobbies?

– In general, I really like dogs. It is happiness to spend morning walks and evenings with a good friend.

– What can you wish for the women of the company?

– The ability to see something bigger and more beautiful.