Screw pair rotors, new models

Today we will tell you about the work of the “Nicmas” Concern of the Foundry Production of JSC “Poltava Turbo-Mechanical Plant”, namely about the rotor section

Vitaliy Batrak has been working at the company for almost two years as the Director of Development. He is a financier and banker by education and is currently studying at Kharkiv Polytechnic University at the department of metallurgy, majoring in applied mechanics. He entered the university under the program of the “Nicmas” Concern, which provides an opportunity, with the financing of the enterprise, to obtain a sought-after profession for free, which is necessary for a better understanding of work in this field.

Concern “Nicmas” until today could offer 13 types of screw pair rotors, but in four months they mastered five more.

Three of them are completely new from the model equipment to the finished product. And two rotors with changed shanks, i.e. partly used the current model equipment, partly had to be changed to get a different shank:

We put into operation and are launching a rotor for the client called “Tornado”, it is currently at the stage of making a sketch of 3D modeling and writing a program for the ARGO5 machine for the production of model equipment for a foundry blank.

There are different types of plastering stations, and each plastering station manufacturer tries to attract customers so that consumables are bought from them.

It is impossible to invent anything new based on the geometry of the screw pair, only physics and the concept of creating pressure in a closed space for pumping liquid work. Therefore, the manufacturer plays with the shank.

We had shanks of 2 types – socket and cylinder, the client wanted to add marking, we launched laser marking. The rotor was marked and the shank itself now looks like a cylinder with a rectangle inside.

To do this, it was necessary to change the model tooling for the foundry, and to change the tooling for processing shanks on the MSN 500 machine, and accordingly write a program so that this machine could process it for start-up.

Our European customers have already received the first batch of 200 screw pair rotors and have ordered more. And this is an indicator of the excellent work of the “Nicmas” Concern.