The production of the concern “NICMAS” is a combination of quality, excellent materials and the latest production technologies. Screw pair rotors are no exception.

The screw pair is a type of pumping device that ensures the movement of the solution to  the place of its use.

Rotors can be used:

Before buying screw pair rotors in Ukraine, it is worth knowing that the unit is quite easy to maintain and does not require a qualified inspection at all.

The equipment resource may depend on the following parameters:

Screw pumps can work with gypsum, cement-sand, cement-lime, adhesive, putty compositions and self-leveling compositions.

The essence of the work of the screw pair rotors is that during rotation, the mixture moves from one void of the stator to another. At the same time, the stator is immovably fixed.

Types of screw pair rotors

The main parameter of the distribution of screw pair rotors into separate types depends on the conditions under which they are used.

So, one type allows you to achieve high pressure at the exit of the mixture and ensures its supply, for example, to the fifth floor of the building. Others guarantee the supply of a larger volume of the mixture for a certain period of time.

Concern “NICMAS” today can offer 13 types of screw pair rotors, and later it is planned to release 2 more new types. It is also worth noting that the entire entire line of products is intended for puttying stations.

How to order screw pair rotors?

Before buying screw pair rotors, it is necessary to analyze all important factors. Thus, cooperating with the concern “NICMAS”, all our clients are absolutely sure that they will receive products that will satisfy their needs.

“NICMAS” screw pair rotors are:

Quality ISO 9001: 2000 – all products have relevant quality certificates for use on the international market.

Many centuries of work experience: for more than 20 years, the rotors of the “NICMAS” screw pair have been used in the equipment of of many Ukrainian and international companies.

Flexible pricing policy: the price of screw pair rotors is always lower for bulk orders. Wide geography of supply: our products are trusted in more than 15 countries of the world.

In order to order and buy screw pair rotors in Ukraine, you can contact the following contacts:

JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” str. Zinkivska, 6, Poltava, 36014, Ukraine

+38 050 404 02 09

+38 089 420 20 32