“Peace and peace in the soul, joy in the eyes, and love in the heart!”

Nataliya Oleksandrivna Savisko is a bridge crane operator at “VNDIkompressormash” JSC, has been working at the company for almost 23 years. By profession, she graduated from 2nd school and works as a crane operator. This is Natalia’s first and only work.

– Tell us about your work. What is exciting about it?

– I love my profession because it is interesting to work with people, the profession is difficult because you always have to be as attentive and precise as possible. I have to choose the ropes that are suitable for the cargo myself, and if it is a finished product, then it is a completely different story, the main secret is the correct slinging of the cargo and not damaging the finished product when loading it into the trucks, maximum accuracy must be present!

– Do you have the quality of interesting teams, jargon at work?

– Of course, the command “Vira” – to raise, “Maina” – to lower, left and right is already a science of gestures (points and laughs), but during this time of work I already understand everything without words.

– How many bridge cranes are there at the enterprise, tell us about them.

– There are only eleven bridge cranes at the enterprise, six of them are radio-controlled and five must be controlled from the cabin. The maximum weight that can be lifted is 10 tons. We had such loads that we lifted with two cranes, it was very difficult, but we managed.

– Natalya Oleksandrivna, in mechanical engineering, women have always been in the minority, that’s why they are considered an ornament of the male team, right? You work mainly in a male team. how are you doing?

– I am doing 100% because we have a good, responsible team. It is easy for me to work in our team. By the way, I met my husband at our company, our family was born here. He worked as an assembly fitter, now he no longer works here, but he always remembers the company with a smile.

– What hobbies do you have, what is exciting about them?

– I have hobbies, but I don’t have much time. I really enjoy crocheting toys, amigurumi, and puffy-alise yarn toys. And then give them as gifts, for example, my daughter was also interested in this and now we give each other nice toys, and most importantly, they are made with love. I still love origami, in general I love to give gifts that I made myself.

– What do you consider the main achievement of the company?

– Stability no matter what the difficulties are, there is stability! I believe that if there is motivation and confidence in the future, then you are calm for the company and for your stable life. I thank the management for modernizing the cranes, because it is difficult to run around them all, and it became much easier to control them from the remote control.

– It seems that you are a person who is always in a good mood. What do you think is the key to a good mood in our difficult world?

– No matter what the mood is, crossing the passage you are joining the team and you must always be positive. When I go to my favorite precinct, they smile at me, they are happy to see me, and of course I also reciprocate. Because the team is my second family, my friends are here. Relationships are the most important thing, we have wonderful people and excellent management.

– What is spring for you?

– Spring is beautiful, it is the awakening of nature, it is warm sunshine, it is a long day and hope for the best.