Nicmas Ukraine

As a reaction to a publication dated Nov. 23rd 2022 on Interfax-Ukraine, Nicmas has decided to issue the below statement:

The concern “Nicmas” exists since 1994 , it means that it was built  in the post soviet era and in its related industries. We are not aware of any facts that proves the published statements regarding the “Nicmas Concern ” liaisons with the continuation of supplying components to the military  –  industrial complex and to objects of the critical infrastructure of  Russia. On the contrary, after the war began , “Nicmas Concern ”  did not look for business opportunities with enemy companies.

On the contrary, Nicmas challenge is to exist, to act and to compete within the european market. In order to do so, Nicmas does what it takes not only to continue its activities from offices and facilities in Ukraine, but to operate from other european countries as well.

By doing so, it provides work and other support to its exiled compatriots. As to illustrate, Nicmas subsidises self-organised child care, starting with a kindergarten for ukrainian children managed by their mothers in Slovakia.

Nicmas remains focused on sustaining its activities in this uncertain environment and fully rejects any such attemp to damage its reputation.

In Poltava, Ukraine, February 6th 2023

Department of Public Relations, Nicmas