The Nicmas concern is expanding its European borders

The economic situation in Ukraine has affected and continues to affect everyone’s life. We all have to do our own thing, because that’s the only way we can cope with the circumstances and come out victorious.

Unfortunately, in today’s realities, many foreign companies are not ready to make direct deliveries to our country, because for them Ukraine is in a zone of increased risk.

A question arose that we must solve: who, if not us, will provide important industries with the necessary equipment? Who, if not us, will create jobs, pay taxes, grow the economy?

The Nicmas concern has long had plans to implement a new European direction. And now the plans have come to life — a new office has opened in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. We have a lot of tasks ahead of us, and we work every day to achieve our big goals in small steps.

The Bratislava office includes our employees who are currently abroad. They know our product very well, so they sell it in Europe while continuing to work for Ukraine.

Every day we set more and more tasks and confidently achieve them. Now we can highlight the following among them:

Today, our team has already achieved significant results in international cooperation. We have signed contracts with companies. Are sure that this is only our start. We believe in the great future of the Nicmas concern and the whole of Ukraine!

Office address: Plynárenská 1, 821 09 Bratislava,

phone: +421 947 940 726