“Nicmas” concern helps enterprises in the restoration of equipment.

This is how we came to see completely burned-out rotary compressors BP, which are designed to create a vacuum or to compress and supply air in the conditions of various technological processes in all branches of industry.

Repairs were made for the company “Mondelis Ukraine”. During the occupation of the city of Trostyanets, a number of compressor equipment was damaged.

We signed a contract for the first batch and shipped it in the summer of 2022, the customer liked our work, so they ordered the second batch and received it in April 2023.

The restoration took place from completely burnt equipment, the block was overhauled, new frames and new noise-absorbing casings were made. We took care of the good aesthetic appearance of the compressor units.

A team of our specialists has done a great job, so that the compressors would continue to function, and the enterprise would not stop for a minute.

“Nicmas” concern will help restore your compressors or other equipment, we have not stopped our work and are working at full capacity!

We, each in our place, know exactly in which direction to move in order to help our country recover faster.