In the spring, everything comes alive and feels renewed!

Tetiana Mykolaivna Levchenko has been working at JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” for almost 28 years, now she is the head of the planning and dispatching department of foundry production.

What is your major and what university did you graduate from?

– She graduated from the KhPI with a specialty in CNC machining of machine tools and machine tools.

How did you get to your current position?

– I started my career at the central branch of JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” and worked for 3 years in a repair shop, then I was a VAT dispatcher, after some time I became a boss and I have been working at a foundry for 2 years.

What is your job and what is interesting about it?

– Everything is interesting. My job consists in daily production planning. Every night we decide what we will make. In the morning, I plan the work of foundry production: the gray cast iron department, the steel casting department, the precision casting department, the cutting and heat treatment casting department, we coordinate all the schedules. We plan in the morning – in the evening we deliver to the warehouse, and so every day.

– What do you like about your job?

– I control the entire process from start to finish. Every morning and evening the meeting starts with me. I take pride in our small team’s execution of plans to get finished products.

– How do you cope in such a male team?

– Somehow, they immediately found a common language. There are always good guys, they always go to meet. They taught me, now I teach them – we help each other understand (smiles).

Now there is a canteen where delicious and healthy food is prepared, the management always monitors the supply of quality food. And most of all, our friendly team is pleased with delicious pastries.

Did any interesting moments happen?

– A lot of things and everything is interesting. Something new every day. They brought chickens and sheep for the first time – there was surprise at the enterprise.

When it was very cold, tea and pastries were carried around the workshop, and our boys were also warmed with kind words.

– What is the enterprise for you?

– I am very used to it, it is my family. My father was the head of a repair shop, worked as an engineer, and my mother worked in the archive. They came to the enterprise at the age of 16, met and got along.

My parents’ family was born in this enterprise, so it is very valuable to me.

– What is the main achievement of the enterprise?

– The fact that we are developing does not stop at what we have achieved, we are creating a new nomenclature group, we are entering the European market. We were very lucky to have the new Indemak furnace up and running, because at such a time we would not have been able to work at all (due to the power outage). By the way, sand drying has been put into operation – it is economical!

Modernization is very important for the excellent operation of the enterprise.

– Do you have any hobbies?

– There is no time for anything. All day at work. My hobbies are grandchildren, I like to spoil them with goodies, pies and spend time with them.

– What can you wish for women in the spring?

– Our women “In both fire and water” can do anything. Most of the work is carried out by the thirteen women of the foundry.