Cooperation of the “Nicmas” Concern with the Sumy Center Vocational and Technical College No. 2

Earlier we wrote that in order to find new specialists, Concern “Nicmas”, namely JSC “VNDIkompressormash” JSC, cooperates fruitfully with Sumy educational institutions to find professional personnel.

Today we will tell you about the fruitful cooperation that has been going on for almost 20 years with Vocational and Technical School No. 2.

The Sumy Vocational and Technical Education Center is an educational institution of the third attestation level, which trains highly qualified workers in technologically complex, science-intensive professions, whose activities are connected with complex labor organization.

The Sumy Center of Vocational and Technical Education began its historical journey in December 1922, when, on the initiative of the youth of the 1st State Machine-Building Plant, a factory-plant apprenticeship school (FZU) was created, which trained qualified workers for the machine-building plant to order.

On the basis of FZU, a well-known professional and technical institution has grown up in Sumy Oblast, which is a supplier of qualified workers for the entire region.

The teaching staff of the center, looking to the future, developed a concept of development in accordance with the implementation of selected tasks: introduction of elements of modern learning technologies, renewal of the material and technical base, opening of new, promising professions that are in demand on the labor market.

Today, the contingent consists of 524 young men and women who study in the following professions:

A total of 12 students, namely electric welders and machine operators, are undergoing practical training at the enterprise. The guys are very satisfied with the conditions, they were all issued our corporate uniforms, and at lunch they are fed for free, the masters of the company try to give them responsible work and monitor the process of mastering the specialty.

The company also cooperates with the teachers of the institution, who in turn conduct lectures for our specialists and help in solving technological issues.

Therefore, we invite all interested students to the “Nicmas” Concern for practice, and the enterprise will teach a popular profession and help master a new one.