Congratulations on the New Year 2023!

Every family has its own little peculiarities, its customs and traditions, and our big family of the “Nicmas” Concern has a wonderful tradition of celebrating New Year’s holidays together

Together we step forward, overcome difficulties, rejoice, grieve, conquer our own Everest, share those values ​​that unite, bring love and goodness!

We appreciate everyone and are proud that our team is professionals who confidently solve all the tasks, grow personally and professionally! May the coming holidays bring you even more joyful moments in the circle of loved ones and friends!

At the end of the year, it is customary to sum up the results, and we will destroy stereotypes and today we will talk about planning.

As you know, it is impossible to achieve big goals without a clear plan. This applies both to the strategy of the entire “Nicmas” Concern as a whole, and to the plan for each individual employee – shift-daily and shift-monthly tasks.

Now we have plans for months ahead, working to ensure that there is no downtime in any of the workshops and that our entire huge machine called the Nicmas Concern works harmoniously!

We prepare our strategies in advance and introduce them to all our employees in advance, and these are:

So we congratulate you on the coming New Year from the management and staff of the “Nicmas” Concern. We wish you health, family happiness, inspiration and peace.