Archive of useful information centers of the enterprise

How often we turn the pages of our own lives, but there are people who turn other pages with passion and interest every day

Each enterprise of the “Nicmas” Concern has its own unique archive in which very important and useful information is stored, today we will tell you about the archivist of JSC “NVAT “VNDIkompressormash”.

Meet Larisa Tsar – the main expert in the field of information, facts and interesting events of the past!

Mrs. Larisa is a teacher by education, she used to work in a kindergarten, but then life circumstances turned out to be such that she moved to work at the archive. And she stayed in it for 20 years, until today!

Her responsibilities include organizing documents, placing them in a certain way on racks, digitizing drawings, and issuing certificates. Maybe it doesn’t seem very interesting to you, but not for our heroine!

The most interesting thing in this work is the preservation of valuable information that is only in this archive!

The most important thing is that Larisa works with enthusiasm, does not lose optimism and daily conveys it to everyone who turns to her with various questions!

It’s just a separate Universe of peace and valuable materials that not everyone is able to process.

So we wish her success and new professional heights! And the “Nicmas” concern of reliable storage of important documentation.