Lathe is a profession with creative potential!

A turner is a specialist who is engaged in mechanical processing of parts from various hard materials (metal, plastic, wood, etc.). With the help of mastering the skills of working on a lathe.

A turning specialist works on machines that, depending on the type of material used, are metalworking and woodworking.

A turning specialist processes parts on a lathe, and also makes carvings, drills, etc. on them. Determines with which tool and at what speed, to what depth it is necessary to cut. Works according to drawings. There are machines that can perform only one type of processing, or universal machines. The most qualified is a turner who works on a universal lathe and performs all operations.

Advantages of the profession:

Today we will tell you about the turners of the Poltava Turbomechanic Plant, the power equipment section, namely about those who use their skill to create perfect parts and master this profession perfectly.

Anatoly Mykolayovych has been working at the company for 28 years, he is a turner by profession. He came to the enterprise as an ordinary student and, thanks to a special program, received the related profession of carousel turner. His work includes grinding one-piece parts from round castings and half-diaphragms for turbines, some parts are unique and non-standard, requiring skill and craftsmanship. He does not write the program himself, there is a whole department of programmers for this, and making corrections to the program and choosing the right tools is not a problem. He is satisfied with his work because he has the opportunity to creatively approach the solution of some issues at work. Works on a DIP 300 lathe and screw-cutting machine.

Serhiy Mykhailovych has been working at the company for 31 years, a turner by profession. He came to the company right after his studies and stayed until today. Later, he received a promotion and learned to operate a crane. He grinds cylindrical parts of various complexity on a lathe and screw-cutting machine. Junior specialist by specialty, turner by profession and vocation. I am satisfied with my work because it is diverse and sometimes non-standard, requiring ingenuity and imagination. Works on a lathe and screw-cutting machine DIP 200, 300.

Vyacheslav Oleksiyovych has been working at the company for 20 years. He worked as a security guard and when he heard that he could become an apprentice turner because he had a higher education, for an additional payment, he agreed and studied in three months, later he received advanced training. Now he works on 5 machines, certainly not at the same time, and can make corrections to programs without problems. His main task is grinding, sharpening and carving blades for the steam turbine rotor. Now he holds the position of CNC operator. He likes the company because there are orders and wages that depend on his creative approach and skill.

A turner must have sharp vision, accurate linear and three-dimensional vision, good visual-motor coordination, technical thinking, spatial imagination, and stability of attention.

Therefore, we are waiting for everyone who wants to join our team, and the “Nicmas” Center will be happy to teach a worthy and in-demand profession.