The unique laboratory of the “Nicmas” Concern

Thanks to the coordinated work of the enterprise and the laboratory, we have a unique mechanical and chemical laboratory

Highly qualified specialists work in the laboratory, Nataliya Anatoliivna Sivolap, head of the CZL, has been working since 2018 as a chemist-biologist, and Anna Yevhenivna Svyntsytska, has been working since 2004, an engineer – laboratory technician of the 1st category. Girls like to work thanks to unique devices for analyzing the products produced. They can check up to 200 samples per day, all indicators are recorded in a journal, protocols and conclusions of the conducted research are written.

The list of performed works at CZL:

Today, the girls talked about the unique Portable X-ray fluorescence elemental composition analyzer EXPERT Mobile, which evaluates the carbon content by microstructure.

The analyzer software has an intuitive interface and is very easy to learn. The measurement data are synchronized with the tablet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and have been in the laboratory of the “Nicmas” Concern for almost 3 years.

Analyzer of the elemental composition of metal produced by the Institute of Analytical Control Methods.

Its main advantages, speed and quality of proven metal:

Purpose of the analyzer:

The EXPERT Mobile portable x-ray fluorescence elemental composition analyzer is designed for direct operational non-destructive measurement in field and laboratory conditions of the mass fraction (%) of chemical elements in various control objects.

Analysis method:

Measurements are carried out by the method of non-destructive energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDRFA) without the use of alloy composition standards and additional empirical calibrations.

The analyzer provides quantitative assessment of carbon content in low-alloy steels (nickel content less than 1.5%) and bleached cast irons.

The most important thing is that the girls work with enthusiasm, do not lose optimism and check a large number of samples every day

So after that, who can say that working in a lab isn’t fun?

It’s just a separate universe of peace that not everyone is able to work out the way our specialists do.

So we wish them inspiration and new professional heights! And to the “Nicmas” Concern, success in fulfilling orders and consistent product quality!