Oil cleaning plant PSM2-4 – a unique product of the concern “Nicmas”

The products of the “Nicmas” concern are unique in their design due to the full production cycle.

Mobile separator oil cleaning unit PSM2-4 UHL4 is designed for vacuum drying of transformer oils, as well as their separation from water and purification from mechanical impurities.

Operating conditions PSM2-4 UHL4:

The unit can be used for similar purification of mineral lubricating oils with a viscosity at a temperature of 500C not more than 70mm2/s.

The unit is intended for use at power plants, substations, other energy facilities and at enterprises involved in the regeneration of technical oils.

Execution of the installation in terms of the impact of climatic factors of the environment – UHL, category at the location during operation – 4 in accordance with GOST 1.

The unit can work in the following modes:

When refining oil by the method of purification, as the predominant method of separating it from water, there is also a partial purification of the oil from mechanical impurities.

The issue of applying one or another cleaning method is decided in each individual case, depending on the characteristics and degree of oil contamination.

It is therefore recommended:

The operation manual is very accessible in the understanding of specialists in the enterprise. It contains all the points for studying the product, preparing it, putting it into operation and performing maintenance. It also contains information about conservation, the principle of operation, technical data and instructions necessary for safe operation.

Due to continuous product improvement aimed at improving reliability and performance, product design may be subject to change.

Manufacturer Warranties.

Since the “Nicmas” concern is the manufacturer and guarantees the correct operation of the unit for 12 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment. During the warranty period, the operating time of the station should be no more than 2000 hours using the spare parts supplied with the station. Warranty obligations for components are established for the period of warranty of the main product.

The products of the “Nicmas” concern are quality tested by time and experience of professionals!