Modern machine tool DMG CTX gamma 2000 TC Concern “Nicmas”

Today, Dmytro Kyslychenko, a technological engineer of the second category of production of power spare parts of JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” will tell you about the operation of this unique machine. Dmytro has been working at the company for 13 years, by the way, this is his first and permanent job

In 2013, when a DMG gamma 2000 TC machine was purchased, he was among those who received training from the representative company. At that time, there were only two people among the engineering and technical workers who successfully completed the training – he and the programmer engineer at that time.

When the machine was put into operation, a control program “on the side” was developed separately, and after the installation of the machine, the test part was processed on it.

At that time, there was no representative office of the DMG company in Ukraine, and the representative of the company accredited to conduct training was from another country. The training was included in the delivery set of the machine, lasted 5 days – theory and practice. Upon completion, they received certificates and passed exams. Dmytro mastered the operator’s specialty, and another employee was officially appointed operator and “fixed” exclusively to this machine. But the most interesting thing began to happen when the representative of the company left, because in this short time it is not possible to consider all the moments and nuances that arose during the work, so we had to find a solution on our own.

In seven years, he trained 10 operators who, with more or less success, worked on the machine at different time intervals. Now Dmytro works as a technological engineer, as before, but when a new part that has not been made before is launched, it is he who monitors the technology of development and processing. He tells new operators what to do, tells about all the intricacies of blade processing. The management principles are the same, but each detail has its own specifics.

The machine is unique and quite young and is of the late generation of five-axis machining of parts. It is not common in enterprises, because most parts do not require such processing using five axes, but it is ideal for the production of turbine blades and all kinds of complex shaped parts.

Advantages of the machine in combining processing into one whole:

The machine can process parts up to 2 meters long, as the name suggests. The vast majority of parts are blades for steam turbines of various shapes. As a rule, the working part of the blade is made on the machine, it is the most complex and requires the most processes.

The whitest blade produced has a working part of 1100 mm, the smallest – 300 mm. It is economically expedient to process labor-intensive blades with a complex profile, this gives the most economical result. One large blade is made per change, because it is not stiff and has large allowances, two shorter ones, because they are stiffer, which allows you to raise the processing modes.

As a rule, the blades have a very similar profile, only the size and shape differ. The technological principle remains the same, it allows the use of a very narrow range of tools. We have unified the entire cutting tool and change it without delay by running the appropriate program. This is a big plus in terms of productivity, because there is no need to waste the time of operators and debuggers on this.

Control programs for a new type of parts, if necessary, write at least two changes. Its creation looks like this – a 3D model is created from the drawing, then modern CAD software complexes (a system for automatic design of parts and their processing) itself takes on the work of calculating commands and program lines, calculates the trajectory. The programmer checks and forms it, starts and checks the optimal working mode of the cutting tool so that it does not break down, has sufficient stability and processing performance.

The material of steam turbine blades is corrosion-resistant martensitic steel. There is a selection of specially designed cutting tools for specific metal and modes. In today’s world, it is possible to choose the right tool for a specific metal with different mechanical properties, which in turn allows you to achieve the highest productivity.

Such a modern DMG gamma 200 TC machine is owned by the “Nicmas” Concern. It helps us in the production of complex parts and is economically beneficial for the enterprise.