Mobile compressor station PKS-5.25 A

Mobile compressor stations PKS-5.25 A are designed to produce compressed air with a pressure of 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm 2 ) and supply them with pneumatic tools and mechanisms.

The design of the station ensures its operable condition during operation in environmental conditions for products of performance “U” category 1 GOST15150-69, but at ambient air temperature from minus 35 to plus 40 0C, atmospheric pressure not lower than 650 mm Hg. Art. and dustiness of the surrounding air up to 20 mg/m 3.

Structural diagram of the notation PKS-5.25 A:

P – movable;

K – compressor;

C – station;

5.25 – productivity, m3/min;

A – modification.

The basic model of the compressor mounted on a mobile compressor station is the PC-5.25 compressor produced by the private joint-stock company “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”. This compressor is a two-stage three-row six-cylinder, has intermediate heat exchangers.

This compressor is completely unified and has a basic series of connecting rod-piston groups with a diameter of 80 and 140 mm. The mobile station is made in the form of a single-axle car trailer, the chassis of which is based on the use of standard car components. A monoblock electric motor-compressor connected to each other by a connecting housing, an air collector, a control panel, and an automation system are attached to the frame. The automation system, upon reaching the pressure in the air manifold (7 kg/cm2), switches the station to idling, which helps to reduce electricity consumption by 30% from the nominal one.

These installations have the following advantages:

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