Mine compressor equipment for the coal and mining industry, types, how to buy

One of the main areas of work of the concern “Nicmas” is the development and production of modern highly efficient and energy-saving compressor equipment, which is implemented on an innovative and engineering basis, as well as modernization and technical re-equipment of industrial facilities

In its production, the concern “Nicmas” uses the most reliable and proven technologies aimed at low-cost production of compressed air. It was these technologies that formed the basis of the creation of compressor units and stations – modern energy-saving equipment with high indicators of economy and reliability.

The main nomenclature unit of compressor units for the coal and mining industry, produced by the concern “Nicmas”, are mobile screw compressor units. This type of equipment is designed to supply compressed air to pneumatic tools in mines and mine superstructures. They are characterized by productivity from 5 to 15 m3/min.

According to safety rules in coal mines, it is allowed to operate in long-term mode (S1) and repeated short-term mode (S3) when powering the braking devices of mine lifting machines, as well as for use in other industries where compressed air with appropriate parameters is required.

Types of mine compressor equipment:

How to buy mine compressor equipment

If there is a need to buy mine compressor equipment in Ukraine, it is important to pay attention to the design features of units produced by the “Nicmas” concern.

Among the main ones, the following can be distinguished:

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