Compressor unit 3VSH 1.6-2.3/230 UHL4

Installations of this type are intended for obtaining high-pressure compressed air, which is used in high-voltage air switches and other systems at nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric power stations and electric substations of electrical networks of mining works; arrangement of oil and gas wells, and other necessary industries, where the presence of nitrogen is necessary for technical purposes, creation of supercharging of inert environment and prevention of fire and explosive situations.

The 3VSH1.6-2.3/230 UHL4 compressor unit is intended for receiving compressed air with an excess pressure of 22.56 MPa (230 kgf/cm2).

Compressor unit 3VSH1.6-2.3/230 UHL4 – piston unit, stationary, W-shaped, three-row, three-cylinder, four-stage.

The installation is equipped with a system of intermediate and final cooling with wet-oil separators after each stage. Air cooling. Axial fan. The fan is driven by a 1.5 kW electric motor. Heat exchangers of stages I and II are plate-finned, stages III and IV are tubular.

Each compressor unit has a non-return valve that serves to prevent backflow of air from the discharge manifolds into the unit when it is stopped or to purge it during operation.

The compressor is driven by a 45 kW electric motor.

compressor test

The main advantages of installing a compressor 3VSH1.6-2.3/230 UHL4:

Management system. Compressor control is automatic with display of basic parameters in Russian. If these parameters deviate from the nominal values, the operation of the compressor unit stops. During an emergency stop of the compressor, a light signal is provided on the control panel.

The microprocessor control system controls the following parameters:

The control system turns off the compressor when the operating parameters deviate from the permissible ones. Primary sensors are installed on the installation. The control cabinet can be installed outside the compressor room (operator location). The control system ensures a smooth start-up of the installation.

The engine is connected to the compressor by a connecting housing, which ensures centering of the shafts. The shafts are directly connected by a sleeve-finger coupling.

In the 3VSH1.6-2.3/230UHL4 installation, compared to the VSH-2.3/230, the number of revolutions is halved, which reduces the wear of piston rings, increases the reliability of the valves due to the reduction of the number of work cycles, and reduces the power consumption.

Most of the components and spare parts that need to be replaced during the current and capital repair of the 3ВШ1,6-2,3/230 UHL4 installation of domestic production are mastered by the auto-tractor industry of Ukraine. Piston rings 2-3-4 stages, sealing elements of oil seals are made of wear-resistant material Flubon 20, which has a low coefficient of friction. In the case of major repairs, it is not necessary to replace cylinders and rods.

The holes in the frame of the 3VSH1.6-2.3/230UHL4 installation are designed to match the holes in the VSH-2.3/230 frame, for the possibility of placing the installation on the existing foundation.

The 3VSH1, 6-2, 3/230 UHL4 installation is made in 3 rows, which makes it possible to increase the reliability of the compressor, because reduces the probability of failure of cylinder-piston groups, the number of which is halved compared to VSH-2.3/230 UHL4.

Operating experience shows that quality and reliability are one of the reasons for maintaining a steady demand for these products until now. Some installations have been operating for 30-40 years. If we talk about the technical level of the products, then it has always been quite high, and many solutions of the plant’s technical specialists engaged in design and production have become advanced for their time.

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