A unique gas piston station of the “Nicmas” Concern

Concern “Nicmas” is a large multidisciplinary company, thanks to its technologies and innovative projects it develops and implements new large-scale orders and provides the customer with advanced technologies.

In this article, we will tell you about the unique gas piston station SGP2V 75-4/11-16 UHL1.

Compressor gas piston station SGP2B 75-4/11-16 UHL1, intended for pumping out propane, butane vapors and their mixtures according to GOST 27578-87 with an admixture (4-6% by volume) of methane, ethane, ethylene and SHFLU with subsequent degassing containers with inert gas, nitrogen.

The station is intended for installation in a non-explosive zone. The main consumers of the station are railway or tank car repair companies.

Climatic implementation of UHL, accommodation category 1 GOST 15150. Operating temperature range minus 40 to plus 40°C.

The station performs the following functions:

When draining the liquid phase of the SHFL fraction from tanker trucks:

When obtaining gaseous nitrogen:

Detailed description of the station.

The station’s equipment is mounted in an insulated container, which is designed to protect the station’s equipment from the influence of external environmental factors, mechanical damage and noise reduction during operation.

The container inside is divided by partitions into three compartments:

The partition between the machine compartment and the fire extinguishing compartment, the floor of the container are sealed.

The engine compartment is equipped with:

The equipment of the gas fire extinguishing system is mounted in the fire extinguishing compartment.

In the nitrogen compartment are mounted:

The container is made in the form of a steel power frame of the base, a steel frame, doors, technological gates, partitions, panels, a roof, slots for supply and exhaust and emergency ventilation.

The enclosing structures of the container are made of three-layer metal panels of the “sandwich” type with a thickness of 80-100 mm, which have steel cladding and insulation.

The container is equipped with single-leaf and double-leaf (technological) doors and external protective gratings. All doors are equipped with external locks and handles. The perimeter doors have seals that prevent mechanical impurities from entering the container, as well as explosive gases from outside the container.

The container is equipped with a gable roof made of roofing profile sheet, which can withstand snow and other types of climatic loads while maintaining tightness.

The station is equipped with systems:

The final composition of the equipment is agreed with the Customer at the stage of signing the contract.

Degassing of the railway lawn of the gas carrier is carried out in two stages:

It is also possible to carry out degassing of the car during primary filling with replacement of the air in the tank with an inert nitrogen medium.

The equipment is a modular compressor station SGP2V 75-3/11-16 UHL1, consisting of a piston three-stage compressor designed for pumping out the vapor phase of LPG and a nitrogen compressor station for producing gaseous nitrogen from atmospheric air during degassing.

Tank cars going for repair with the remains of liquefied gases are fed to the overpass for the organization of complete selection of the vapor phase to atmospheric pressure and degassing with nitrogen. The number of processed cars is 5 during 8 hours (working shift).

When carrying out only degassing for the primary filling, the time of treating one car with nitrogen by the “boost” method is a little more than 1.5 hours. When processing wagons using the “from wagon to wagon” method, the technological time will be 1.0 hours. When processing 5 wagons at the same time.

This is such an interesting and complex project implemented by the “Nicmas” Concern. We are ready to implement technical solutions for design, production, commissioning, provision of consulting and information services (staff training), service and maintenance of the equipment produced, in accordance with consumer requests.

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