Start-up of a new furnace at a foundry

We are happy to announce that the purchased Indemak Duet Power 1000 melting unit started its work on 17.10.2022

Thanks to it, it will be possible to achieve the following goals:

Characteristics and application of the new melting unit Indemak Duet Power 1000

It is worth noting that the installation of the Indemak Duet Power 1000 unit took place quite recently, but its maximum power is already being used. We are confident in the efficiency and correct operation of the melting unit, because it was installed by a representative of Turkey, who supervised the launch of the first smelter. And the employees of the Nicmas concern ensured wiring settings for a productive start-up and smooth operation of the unit.

And thanks to the coordinated work of the team, it was possible to launch launch the furnace on time.

In its composition, the unit has two groups of inverters and crucibles, with the same power. They work independently of each other, have a guide located in the panel, which converts the network into DC current. Power is distributed so that when molten metal is being cast in one furnace, metal is melted in another furnace at maximum power

Advantages of the Indemak Duet Power 1000 unit:

It is worth noting that the goals set for JSC Concern “Nicmas” are being successfully achieved:

Extensive practical experience of the highly qualified personnel of the Nicmas concern, modern technologies and equipment allow the production of cast blanks of high quality and precision. All products have certificates of compliance with regulatory documents 9001:2000

Yes, and this is just the beginning. And more and more!