Renewal of production is a guarantee of quality work of the entire team and the enterprise

Despite the difficult times, Concern “Nicmas” tries to be useful where the country needs it most. We manufacture high-quality equipment that is necessary for the operation of many important industries.

Concern “Nicmas”, as a manufacturer of compressor equipment with many years of experience, created a new direction of “Emergency power supply”:

The production of new high-quality generators with different capacities and for different tasks has been started. Both for domestic consumers and for production tasks.

Ui devices are created sn accordance with all requirements for this product and its operation.

Even a modern power supply system is not always completely reliable. In the event of emergency situations, consumers may be left without energy, in which a long interruption in electricity supply may lead to large material losses, and even to a threat to people’s lives.

Therefore, both in everyday life and in production, it makes sense to organize a connection from two sources of electricity, that is why we produce AVRs of different capacities, from 16 to 630A.

The principle of AVR operation is based on voltage control in the circuit. This can be done using any voltage relays or digital logic protection units. However, the principle of work still remains unchanged.

Distribution devices serve to receive and distribute electricity. They house control and protection devices, measuring transformers, bus devices, cables and auxiliary devices.

During design work on the creation of an autonomous energy system, it must be considered that it must meet a large number of requirements. Here it is necessary to consider the safety of the object and users, switching equipment and the scheme of laying technical highways. It is necessary to provide protection against the simultaneous start of the emergency and main network, short circuit, jumps and overloads. You also need to install an operator notification system.

Our specialists will easily consult and perform the work assigned to them. Concern “Nicmas” is proud to announce the renewed production and solve the issue in favor of the needs of customers.