The work of the office in Bratislava of the “Nicmas” Concern

Already at the beginning of 2022, the “Nicmas” Concern expanded its borders and opened a modern office in Bratislava for its activities and prompt provision of information, products and services to European customers.

The Bratislava office includes our employees, who have a thorough knowledge of the concern’s products, the language and local features.

Currently, the representation on the territory of the Slovak Republic is gaining momentum. The expansion of the office and expansion of warehouses gives customers the opportunity to receive their orders more quickly. And the company’s products have proven themselves with excellent quality, and the team with service.

Today, the company’s warehouses contain the entire range of auger products and shovels for concrete mixers.

In addition, our logistics partners will deliver orders in the shortest possible time. We are grateful to PLUSIM and RABEN for fruitful cooperation for a long time.

So we confidently step forward, expand our capabilities and improve our skills, and the “Nicmas” Concern becomes famous in European countries!

Office address: Plynárenská 1, 821 09 Bratislava,

Phone: +421 947 940 726

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