The skill of one person is the result of the entire enterprise

Curious to know who is behind the complex processes that result in high-quality parts?

At the foundry, he is not just a person who designs new rotors. He is a true master of his craft. Thanks to his professionalism, we receive details of the highest quality, which, without remorse, we can call a work of art.

Vyacheslav Viktorovych joined our team in 2013. Now he works with the machine “Greda” of Italian production. Thanks to the experience of our master, work on such a unit is perfect.

So how does the rotor manufacturing process take place and what is Vyacheslav Viktorovych doing here?

It all starts with a drawing, according to which technologists develop a special casting manufacturing mechanism. Then this drawing is transferred to the preparation of the 3D model: creation of a program for the production of castings on the machine, manual proofing, building up the sides, painting, checking compliance according to the drawing.

Subsequently, it is this 3D model that will serve as the same sample, according to which all the parts will be made. And just such important “templates” are prepared by Vyacheslav Viktorovych. After its careful inspection, forming, melting, casting takes place, and permission for mass production is given. This is such a small life, about 20 days, each detail lives before its mass release.

And when as a result we receive our pride – quality rotors, we, of course, cannot pass by such an important part of the entire production process as 3D modeling.

It is the experience and skill of Vyacheslav Viktorovych that help us to be better not just in words, but in deeds.