General meetings of the team with the management and their importance for the work of the concern “Nicmas”

Both the management and the entire staff of the “Nicmas” concern note that management meetings with employees yield positive results. It is meetings that help organize the work of the concern in the best way – and then it becomes clear what needs to be done next and in which direction to move.

An experienced leader knows that meetings build the organization. With their help, you can maintain connections within the company, best implement decisions, align how employees see goals, and break down barriers between departments.

The concern “Nicmas” has its own established tradition – to hold weekly meetings in all areas. This is how management communicates with workers and all current issues are discussed.

1. The principle of synergy.

This principle consists in the fact that the effectiveness of the whole phenomenon is always higher than the total effect of its individual parts. Or even simpler: one head is good, and two is better. And it’s true. It is together that we are able to generate more ideas, find many solutions to solve certain problems, choose the optimal one from the whole variety. In the mode of group discussion, people begin to work as a whole, complementing each other, generating new ideas and solutions. And it is thanks to this that efficiency increases.

2. The principle of cohesion.

A team, that is, people who see the same goal, trust each other and know how to work together, will always be more effective than one person. How can each individual employee become part of a powerful team? The key to such a transformation is joint, active and organized movement towards the goal. Meetings, meetings and gatherings are a powerful tool for unity, building respect for colleagues and the manager, and an excellent educational tool.

It is very important for the concern “Nicmas” that employees work harmoniously, and not just be listed in one department or company. For this purpose, high-quality weekly meetings are held.

3. The principle of comprehensibility.

Many people are afraid of the unknown. A normal person consciously or unconsciously resists the incomprehensible and unfamiliar – and this is absolutely natural. And if the entire company, its efficiency indicators, tasks for the next month suddenly fall into the category of the incomprehensible? What does a person feel who is asked to dig a hole, but is not told why, how deep and where? Of course, this is how resistance and demotivation are obtained.

That is why meetings help to clearly set goals, form tasks, develop the goal of achieving them and control the quality of execution.

Most of all, effective meetings allow you to quickly resolve even the most complex issues at a high level, outline ways forward, share information, and maintain employee engagement. And this, in turn, raises the general spirit, motivation and productivity of the company.