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The NICMAS concern, founded in 1994, is today a large industrial and innovative structure that unites a number of enterprises located in different countries.

Enterprises of the Concern specialize in the production of modern highly efficient and energy-saving equipment for industry, spare parts for it, extensive service, provision of technological solutions and other types of work to customers of advanced technologies, new and services.


One of the important areas of activity is industrial marketing, which allows the concern “NICMAS” to act as a coordinator of production processes of industrial enterprises and to be an active participant in market relations, to conduct its activities in various directions. Over the years of work, close partnerships have been established with industrial enterprises of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the USA, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Korea, Turkey, etc. Rich experience and a powerful research and production base of the concern’s enterprises are a guarantee of stable and successful development.

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History of the concern


1889 Private iron foundry enterprise

The history of the Poltava Turbomechanical Plant has its roots in the 1990s. Then, in 1889, the merchant Matel Efraimivna Polyakova founded a private iron foundry on the outskirts of Poltava near the railway.

10 workers and the same number of teenagers worked at the iron foundry.

1919 Organization of the “Mechanic” artillery

After the revolution of 1917, taking into account the iron foundry, the “Mechanic” artel was organized, where military equipment, carts, and derivative kitchens began to be produced.


1939 Release of electric magneto

The achieved level of production at the “Metal” plant made it possible to organize the production of the most complex unit for aircraft – the electric magneto, which consisted of several hundred high-precision parts.

1941-1943 years of the Great Patriotic War

In 1941, the plant was evacuated to Saratov (Volga region), where, together with the Moscow and Leningrad enterprises, it became part of the country’s defense plant (No. 306).

1944-1946 Revival after evacuation

After returning from Saratov, the company’s team rebuilt the factory from the ruins in Poltava. At that time, the production of spare parts, restoration of steam and gas turbines, power plants, and thermal power plants began. In 1946, the enterprise was called the Poltava Machine-Building Plant.

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