Vertical machining center of international standard now in “Nicmas”

Recently, the Doosan Machine Tools company released a new series of DNM vertical machining centers, which are already in production at the “Nicmas” concern.

During 6 months, testing of the “DOOSAN” machine took place, technologies for software development, processing of new parts, selection of components were implemented.

In addition to putting the equipment into operation, three operators – programmers were also trained by the accredited specialist Davyd Yusupov. The work carried out made it possible to start the operation of the machine in 24/7 mode.

Advantages of the improved version of the “DOOSAN” machine:

In the new series of vertical machining centers, the cutting area and dimensions of the table have been increased, however, despite the maximum load, the area occupied by the equipment has remained unchanged. In addition, tool change times were reduced, which resulted in increased productivity.

Adhering to the main principle of the company – “Reliability above all”, this equipment provides increased productivity, ease of operation and environmental friendliness.

Standard direct drive spindle for increased productivity.

The new DNM series features a direct drive spindle as standard, which minimizes vibration and noise during high-speed operation. Direct drive spindles also help reduce thermal distortion by about half, helping to provide more stable machining.

Environmental friendliness and operational safety.

The improved DNM series equipment uses a consistent lubrication system, thereby improving working conditions and significantly reducing annual maintenance costs.

It is worth noting the important characteristics and key advantages of the “DOOSAN” vertical processing center:

The “DOOSAN” machining center was put into operation only in October of this year, but we have already managed to evaluate its compactness, reliability, combination of increased rigidity and optimization of functions, ensuring the highest level of quality.