The factory of the manufacturer of unique compressor units 3VSh

For the first time in Ukraine, JSC “NVAT “VNDIkompressormash” developed and mastered the production of new generation equipment — reciprocating compressor units with high efficiency and reliability

JSC “NVAT “VNDIkompressormash” is a stable enterprise, the main activity of which is the development and implementation of advanced technologies in compressor construction.

JSC “NVAT “VNDIkompressormash” is part of the “NICMAS” Concern, the main activities of which are:

3VSh compressor units

The field of compressor units is very wide due to excellent technical characteristics. These are units that provide high-pressure compressed air, which are used in high-voltage air switches and systems at electrical substations, thermal, nuclear, and hydroelectric power plants, as well as in the construction of gas wells.

Only high-quality materials and innovative equipment are used in the production process of the compressor unit, which allows us to obtain high-class units. Covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Reliable compressor stations

The standard delivery set includes a compressor installed on the frame and connected to the electric motor by means of a clutch, a cooling unit, an automatic control system and operating documentation. At the customer’s request, the set can include:

The manufacturing plant is unashamedly one of the largest in the country, constantly introducing the most modern technologies and changing the approach not only in matters of production, but also in management. Contacting us has a number of advantages, including:

Due to the ease of installation and maintenance, the equipment does not require any specific knowledge or experience of the operator.

Maintenance of compressor equipment is one of the branches of our activity. It is carried out both within the limits of warranty obligations and outside them. If necessary, complete diagnostics and repairs, oil change and a set of other measures are carried out, which will ensure the smooth operation of your equipment.

Operating experience shows that quality and reliability are one of the reasons for maintaining a steady demand for these products until now. Some installations have been operating for 30-40 years. If we talk about the technical level of the products, then it has always been quite high, and many solutions of the plant’s technical specialists engaged in design and production have become advanced for their time.

We understand that a significant proportion of our customers do not quite understand what kind of compressor equipment they need when contacting them. Therefore, our managers are professional consultants who will help you figure things out.

The key to success is an individual approach to each client.