Mechanical division of JSC “NVAT “VNDIKompresormash”

It is fashionable, topical and even promising to be a machine worker, to bring such an unstable hour. Clever and strong people rob this profession, as if they want to create good history with their own hands.

Today we will tell you about the mechanical department of our enterprise.

The machining department of the mechanical assembly shop is equipped with turning, grinding, drilling, milling and centers with software control.

What happens to the castings when they get to the mechanical section:

A total of 20 people works at the station at the moment, but they are all professionals in their work and do their job perfectly. Here it is important that all the details, all the nuts, all the individual elements perfectly match each other, otherwise there will be no correct work.

We are sure of our result, because our team is selected as small elements of a large mechanism. We do not create hothouse conditions, but we achieve all the set goals. Our team includes only professionals who know their work and know how to work for results.

The success of our enterprise depends on each individual mechanism. We appreciate everyone together and everyone individually, because we are success!