History of VNII

The record of the history of the enterprise began in May 1964, when a decision was made to establish the All-Union Research Technological Institute of Chemical, Pump-Compressor and Valve Engineering (NIItekhmash) in Sumy. Vasily Artemovich Karbovnichiy was appointed the first director of the Institute, who vigorously took up the formation of a team, the construction of engineering and experimental bases. In a short time, experimental and engineering buildings, residential buildings for specialists and workers were put into operation.

In 1967, NIItekhmash was approved as the head institute of the USSR Minkhimmash for compressor engineering. A number of enterprises were assigned to the Institute:

In 1970 NIItekhmash was transformed into the All-Union Research and Design Institute of Compressor Engineering (VNIIkompressormash). At a number of compressor-building enterprises (in particular, in Moscow, Yerevan, Melitopol, Tashkent, Penza), complex departments of VNIIkompressormash were created, which were designed to ensure the strengthening of ties between science and production, the accelerated solution of practical problems in the development of the industry.

In 1985, on the basis of the Sumy PO named after. M.V. Frunze and VNIIkompressormash formed MNPO. M. V. Frunze. In this regard, the subjects of the institute’s work changed, the staff of which focused on the creation of modern equipment for the oil and gas complex. A great achievement was the development and creation of a centrifugal compressor for a pressure of 50 MPa at the experimental base of VNIIkompressormash for the cycling process of gas condensate production.

After the collapse of the Union for the institute, which in the early 90s of the last century, having left the NGO. M. V. Frunze, again became an independent organization, a difficult period began, associated with a general recession in the economy and a sharp reduction in demand for new developments. But despite the enormous difficulties, the staff of the institute (registered in 1993 as OAO NPAO NICMAS) carried out work on the creation of compressor equipment that was not previously produced in Ukraine – compressors for general industrial purposes, as well as for electrical substations, for the food industry, coal mines and others.

In 1993, the institute was appointed the head scientific and technical organization of Ukraine for compressor engineering, as well as the head standardization organization with the functions of the technical committee for standardization TK-28 “Compressors in Ukraine” (both appointments were confirmed in 1999). In 1995, one more function was added to these functions – the institute was approved by the compressor equipment certification body and accredited for technical competence in the UkrSEPRO system by a test.

At the same time, during these years, at the national level, the reduction in funding for research, development and technological work continued. Significant investments were needed to resume scientific activity and revive production. The rise of the enterprise began in 1998, when it became part of the Ukrrosmetall concern.

The initiator of the revival of VNIIKompressormash, the return of its former name, the organization on the basis of the Research Institute of the production of modern compressor equipment and the introduction of new technologies was Grigory Petrovich Dashutin, the founder of the Ukrrosmetall concern, now its honorary president. Thanks to the right marketing policy, the revival of the enterprise began.

Today OJSC NPAO VNIIkompressormash is one of the basic enterprises of the Nikmas concern. A strong and self-sufficient team has been formed here, powerful engineering-laboratory and research complexes, experimental production have been created, a significant information base has been accumulated – a patent fund, a technical archive, etc.

OJSC NPAO VNIIkompressormash also has a unique technology and serially performs refurbishment of rotors of centrifugal compressors for various purposes. This technology provides for the restoration to nominal sizes of all worn seating and contacting surfaces of the shaft, impellers and bushings by applying thick-layer hard, wear- and corrosion-resistant coatings, which allows, while increasing wear resistance, to significantly reduce production costs.

Significant changes have been made in recent years, in particular, in blank production and a section of metal structures for the manufacture of bodies of compressor units. Now the technology of automatic plasma cutting of workpieces on CNC equipment is used here, as well as a NASO sheet-working complex and a modern powder coating line. The introduction of the latest technologies requires both experience and the ability to think in a new way, so the potential of the enterprise is constantly strengthened by young professionals. This is facilitated by the connections of VNIIkompressormash with Sumy State University, with which a long-term cooperation agreement has been concluded, with the National Technical University “KhPI” and other universities.

Increasing long-term traditions, making maximum use of the accumulated intellectual experience and production potential, his team, together with other basic enterprises of the Nikmas concern, sets the dynamics for the accelerated development of the industry in accordance with the high standards of the European and world markets.