Women are the soul of our team!

Spring… Time of awakening and renewal of nature. It is no coincidence that International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world in March, because a woman is synonymous with spring, beauty, love and peace.

Intelligent, talented, beautiful, sensitive women work at the Nicmas Concern. Extraordinary personalities and professionals in their field. But the most important thing is that they are true patriots of their native enterprise, and even if their part is only a quarter of the entire team, these women are active, beautiful, and talented. They possess many virtues and excellent human qualities, professional skills, and creative abilities. And if men are the strength and power of the enterprise, then women are the soul of our team, its cordiality, kindness and beauty.

This month we will talk about the women of the legendary and world-famous company. Every week we will write about two women from each district of the “Nicmas” Concern. So follow us and enjoy pleasant stories and surprises.