What is an ERP system and why is it needed?

ERP system in modern business – whim or necessity for the work of the concern “Nicmas”

The abbreviation ERP comes from English (Enterprise Resource Planning System), which is translated as a system of enterprise resource planning. The product is a complete management system of the company, which combines the resources of the enterprise with various divisions. That is, all the necessary resources, units, functions and other tools necessary for effective work are located in one computer system. Access to information is given to all units at the enterprise, which significantly simplifies work and ensures information exchange.

Its advantages over other applied solutions are a simple system:

How will the ERP system improve the company’s work?

The ERP system allows you to manage all the resources of the enterprise, and not its individual parts. This is the optimal solution for the concern, because obtaining information does not depend on the scale, presence of branches and their remoteness.

The system allows:

The concern chose ERP based on the main advantages of the solution and practical considerations:

– Connecting all financial data together

When a company manager needs to obtain financial data, he can study many reports where the figures will be different, but they will all turn out to be correct. After all, each unit keeps its own records and makes a certain contribution to the overall business. And it is not always clear how effective the costs are in this or that division, and with the help of ERP it is much easier to determine. The database is unified, therefore it is almost impossible to manipulate the information.

– Establishing standards for production processes

This is especially true for large enterprises that have branches far from each other (located in different cities or even countries and continents). Yes, various accounting methods and computer systems can be used in such divisions, and in order not to get confused in all this, ERP is used. With the help of the Internet, it is easy to get access to the necessary information, and the unified multi-currency system helps to reduce the number of working personnel and simplify accounting processes.

– Establishing standards in the personnel system

In Enterprise ERP, it is possible to combine all tasks related to personnel – recruitment, retraining, development prospects, and others. With the help of the system, it becomes easier to monitor the work of each employee and monitor the efficiency and its benefit to the company.

Since the beginning of November, the “Nicmas” concern has started work on the implementation of the ERP system in all divisions and enterprises. Every day there are training events for workers of various departments, and then they are given tasks to work on independently. We hope that within 6 months the concern will completely switch to the latest and improved system of work.

This is an innovative solution that takes into account the practice of domestic and foreign companies to build complex information management systems for large and medium-sized businesses. The ERP system will form a single database for all divisions of the company.

It will create to help the management of the enterprise, which is a worthy competition to foreign software products and is sharpened under the current legislation of our country.