The work of a mechanical engineer combines craft and art!

It is no secret to anyone that with modern living conditions, industrial development rates, continuous automation and optimization of mechanisms and production processes, the profession of an engineer and worker professions in mechanical engineering are very popular and in demand on the labor market.

Today we will tell you about the employees of the Poltava Turbomechanic Plant, the section of compressor equipment, namely about those who create perfect parts with their skill and master this profession perfectly.

Yevgeniy Serhiyovych, has been working at the enterprise for 8 years, came to the enterprise as soon as he finished his studies and got to the compressor assembly site, received the related profession of a mechanic, a tester of mechanical assembly works and a mechanic tester. It can collect up to 30 cases per shift. The company usually performs welding and testing of compressors.

Volodymyr Volodymyrovych has been working at the company for only seven months, he is a programmer, but he has not finished his studies. He went to the company as an apprentice, now works as a CNC operator, follows the work process and can easily set up the machine and select tools himself. Now serves and can work with ease on 3 machines. As he says, they are all similar and easy to use.

Serhii Serhiyovych has been working at the company for 8 years, he is now 28. He is a technologist by education, studied full-time and transferred to part-time in order to be able to work. His brother worked at the company, it was he who suggested that he come and try. Serhiy likes his work because he easily combines studies and work, he is currently studying to become a programmer and wants to learn to write programs for machine tools himself. By profession, he is a technological engineer and a CNC operator, part-time carousel turner, he is interested in metalworking.

There is a myth that mechanical engineering is a specialty in which you learn to build machines, but in reality they are masters of engineering peaks. This is a broad specialty that allows you to learn to understand the components of large industrial productions, understand the structure of any machines, how the latest computer technologies are implemented in production, freely operate all the necessary programs and develop cutting-edge approaches to the optimization of Ukrainian industry.

Therefore, we are waiting for everyone who wants to join our team, and the “Nicmas” Center will be happy to teach a worthy and in-demand profession.