The “Nicmas” concern invited the representative of the “Indemak” company Bahatin Mehmet to visit the Foundry

The main direction of the livar gallery is the modernization of virobnitsia. The main advantage of furnaces is their energy efficiency, ease of operation and maintenance

Livarne manufacturing JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” is a modern manufacturing complex, we create on the basis of production, we have our own specialty manufacturing warehouse and produce folding technical products. The great practical advantage of the work of highly qualified personnel, modern technology and possession allow the production of castings of high quality and accuracy. All products of livar production can have a certificate of conformity up to the normative document ISO 9001:2000.

Recently, a new Indemak Duet Power 1000 melting unit was put into operation at the Foundry. This allowed to increase casting output and save operating costs in a short time. Its maximum capacity is now being used. We are convinced of the efficiency and economy of operation of the melting unit.

For better work and productivity, it was decided to invite a specialist to the enterprise, who helped solve some issues and shared his knowledge.

Bahatin Mehmet, the official representative of the “Indemak” company, was invited to the foundry production of the “Nicmas” concern.

He has been working with the director of “Indemak” Yerenbey since the beginning of the company’s opening. He is a good friend and the director’s right hand. They met at the international forum on foundry production, but already then they found a common language. And when the idea appeared to open an Indemak enterprise in Turkey, he immediately invited Bahatin to his team.

Mehmet has a technical education, he is a smelting master, Doctor of Science. He has been doing this for over forty years, and he has been working for Indemak for 38 years. But the main thing is love for your work and constant learning.

During his work, Mehmet visited Africa, France, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, namely: Ternopil, Kremenchuk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, Poltava. His business trips lasted from 8 to 68 days.

He shared an interesting story with us. When I worked in Africa and it was the first swim, the guys went out to work in defense, but in shorts. Mehmet immediately stopped the whole process, the guys put on their pants and continued working. For a long time they laughed at his reaction, but safety rules are the most important!

The main purpose of any visit is training and imparting knowledge to workers engaged in casting.

First, Mehmet went around the entire melting unit, examined all the mechanisms. Next, I checked the bars for melting, the weight of the metal placed in the furnace, checked the melting temperature, stirred the metal and controlled how samples were taken (the sample is taken 2 times during melting and before pouring into molds for analysis in our laboratory). Not a single process took place without his participation! I got to know the team and kept asking, communicating and giving my recommendations.

Even after leaving, you can call him and consult him, he will never refuse and help, because he loves his job very much!

When we showed how we improved the furnace’s cooling control system and added an automatic back-up power supply and heating cabinet, he commented: “You are number one!”

He likes Ukraine very much, people are friendly and responsive, they learn quickly and listen. And the girls are incredibly beautiful!

He wishes our company prosperity, improvement and not to stop there!