Spring is flowers!

Yulia Viktorivna Kononenko has been working at JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”, namely in foundry production since January 2022, as a storekeeper of finished products and material warehouse.

What is your major and what university did you graduate from?

– I graduated from the National University “Poltava Polytechnic named after Yury Kondratyuk”, I have a higher education in the field of civil engineering.

– What do you like about your job?

– AT! She is very fascinating.

First of all: this is a very spectacular event, melting in the furnace and pouring into metal molds, it reminds me of fireworks, this rich color cannot be compared with anything.

Secondly: you fully see the birth of a part, all technological processes, starting with the manufacture of equipment and ending with completely finished products, which we sell in different parts of the world. Every stage of production is honest men’s work, as they say in the foundry industry, “Real men work.”

Third: I am proud to have a small part in such a large-scale production.

– How do you cope in such a male team?

– Be yourself! In our industry, there are no female or non-female professions, the main thing is to be interested in a certain process, for this you need to have both perseverance and patience. It helps a lot that we have a friendly team, at the same time we are so original, of course there are different moments, like in Spanish families, but we always support each other.

– Were there any interesting moments at the company?

– I will tell you that it is not a day but a holiday. We have something new every day, we don’t have to be bored).

– What is the main achievement of the enterprise?

– Perhaps, the main achievement of the enterprise is the enterprise itself. The correct setting of priorities is like in an orchestra, the conductor not only sets the rhythm, but also prompts the musicians when it is their turn to enter, the mood, the interpretation of the meaning, the conductor is unable to change the notes, but controls the speed of the piece, places accents in his own way. In our country, we do not change the production technology, we improve it in line with the latest technologies.

– What is your hobby?

– My hobby! I am a versatile person, I strive to realize myself in various fields. But I also have a favorite activity that brings me the most pleasure – it’s drawing, that’s how I express my inner emotions. I mainly draw flowers. In addition, drawing helps to relax, relieves emotional stress and stress, which is exactly what everyone needs these days. This interesting, useful and very exciting activity can be compared to relaxing at the Spa (smiles).

– What is spring for you?

– I associate spring with new beginnings. Nature is waking up and so are we. We leave behind dark thoughts, fears, because we are ready to accept the colors of this beautiful season and the new opportunities that open before us. Spring flowers are wonderful and always delight us with their colors and fragrance.