Spring is a new beginning for yourself!

Brateshko Kateryna Yuriivna, deputy head of the turbine parts shop for the production of power parts at JSC Poltava Turbomechanical Plant, has been working at the company for four years. She has 53 employees under her command, 8 of whom are women.

– What is your major and what university did you graduate from?

– By specialty, a mechanical engineering engineer, in the field of lifting and transport, construction, road, land reclamation, agricultural machines and equipment. She graduated from Poltava Polytechnic named after Yury Kondratyuk. She was the only girl in the group).

– Tell us about your work, what do you think is exciting about it?

– When I think that our small team of young specialists creates such great things, manufactures spare parts for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, stations that provide heat and electricity to cities of millions. The scale is amazing!

Craftsmanship embodied in metal.

In mechanical engineering and in your subordinates, men predominate, how do you cope?

– Women and men have different approaches, different mentality, different intuition, different ways and methods, skills, but the task is the same for everyone – the result. Sometimes it is necessary to prove that you are no worse than a man, you are the same specialist, because you can think in the same way and solve problems in the same way. My role as a communicator is to support, organize, unite the team, I am responsible for greetings in the team.

I think that a woman can handle it better.

Do you have any hobbies?

– In my free time from work, I like walking around the city, breathing fresh air. This is very lacking, because you are in a closed room for 12 hours, devoting a little time to a walk is what you need for rest.

In your opinion, what is the most valuable thing for you in the company?

– That we work. Unfortunately, with the situation in the country, we are practically the only ones left who make power parts, since our power system is very damaged, we play an important role because we have to restore/restore and make new ones. Modernize the affected turbines in order to provide heat and light to the cities of our Motherland with electricity.

What do you think is the inspiration in your work?

– Variety! What we make is individual. There are new orders that the factory did not make at all, the development of new technologies and new nomenclature – does not allow to sit still, does not allow to get bored, constant movement and the desire to improve the technological process, there is absolutely no time for boredom, constant movement in production, we are constantly creating something new.

Constant process and progress.

– What is the most important achievement in the enterprise?

– Relatively fast career growth. Thanks to my strength and perseverance in studying, because it was not completely new for me in my specialty, and of course I really like my work. She came to work as an ordinary order picker at the finished products delivery station, six months later she became the head of the production and dispatch bureau, and a year later she became the deputy head of the turbine spare parts shop.

The enterprise has never had a woman deputy head of the shop, even one so young (smiles).

What do you think is the key to a good mood?

– Result.

Faith in the best, faith in yourself. The desire for self-improvement, the desire to learn is the stimulus for everything, the basis.

– What can you wish for the women of the company?

– Many processes at the factory rest on women’s shoulders) A lot. So at the same time, I would like her not to lose her femininity, not to lose her charm, to always remember that she is a woman.

First of all, I wish good health, faith in the best, find time for rest, time for new discoveries and new achievements.

When we greeted our employees at the factory, their eyes shone and they were very pleasantly surprised, because a woman is a woman and we must remember that!