Search for new specialists in the “Nicmas” Concern

For the “Nicmas” Concern, the priority is personnel working at the enterprise. Because prosperity and well-being depend on each employee.

Today we spoke with Oleksandr Borisovych Neselevsky, a professional recruitment specialist, and although he is a historian by profession, he has been working in the field of education and quality recruitment almost all his life.

For 23 years, he worked for the “Nicmas” concern, engaged in personnel work, now retired, but continues to help.

His main job is to recruit staff. From the very beginning of the first internship, students enter the enterprise, namely from: State vocational and technical educational institutions, colleges, institutes and universities, and the employment center.

During the year, thanks to his work, 100-140 young specialists and approximately 200 leading specialists come to the enterprise.

The most popular and sought-after professions: machine tool makers, carousel turners, boring machines, CNC specialists and commercial specialists, designers, project engineers.

The list in the search for specialists includes higher educational institutions of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Poltava, Kremenchug, Kamian, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Odesa, those specialists who are related to our type of activity.

Usually, most workers come from Sumy State University, Sumy Mechanical Engineering College, Sumy Technical School of Food Industry, Vocational and Technical School No. 2 and Sumy Interregional Higher Vocational School No. 16 for further employment.

Thanks to coordinated work and a high-quality approach to partners, the Foundry of the Poltava Turbomechanic Plant was completely built according to the design under the recommendations of the Kamian Polytechnic Institute, which specializes in this aspect and has a high-quality base and experience.

Starting from the 3rd year, students go to practice at our company, upon graduation and with a letter of recommendation they come to work with us. And if they don’t like their profession, the company encourages and helps them learn a new profession. After working in the chosen profession, many graduates later realize that it is not for them, and it is then that we are able to retrain the specialist for a similar job that he likes.

The enterprise has a licensed training center, which has the opportunity to prepare almost 80 areas of specialization. Thanks to the training center, we encourage training and improving the skills and knowledge of employees, as well as receive related specialists. Of course, the company also offers advanced training.

When a customer buys our products, we are able to train their company’s representatives in service and provide them with the relevant document.

We invite both trained specialists and those who wish to join our company to work. “Nicmas” concern will help you learn a profession or get a new one, provide a workplace and a decent salary.