New modern warehouse at JSC “VNDIcompressormash”

At the beginning of the year, a new warehouse was equipped at the enterprise for storing inventory items: castings, parts, spare parts and other goods

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the “Nicmas” concern, every month JSC “VNDIkompressormash” receives 10-15 tons of casting blanks, which are mechanically processed.

After processing the casting blanks, the spare parts of the compressors enter the warehouse, and the chips are transported to the foundry for remelting. That allows to make cooperation in the conditions of limited resources in the country.

Address storage works in the warehouse, everything entering the warehouse is barcoded and entered into the system, when the casting blanks enter the machining and become a part, it is assigned a new barcode and a unique number, which allows keeping records. Barcodes are read by the data collection terminal and entered into the system. Thanks to this, you can see the real transformation of casting blanks into parts, and control online the remaining parts in the warehouse.

The main advantages of the new warehouse:

In the new warehouse, self-leveling floors, racks and shelves for storing workpieces on several floors were made with the help of a loader, movement and logistics are carried out, a screen with online balances in the warehouse.

It is warm and comfortable to work in the new warehouse!