Dynasties at the production of JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant”

Today we will tell you about the dynasty of the Ovcharenko family, their work experience reaches almost 80 years!

JSC “Poltava Turbomechanical Plant” is included in the list of leading industrial enterprises of Poltava. The main products of the plant are assemblies and parts for the reconstruction and repair of steam turbines of power plants.

The Ovcharenko family has been working at the enterprise for almost 80 years. All this time, father and son worked at the same site and were engaged in the production of parts and assemblies of steam turbines. At the moment, Serhii Alimovich Ovcharenko works at the company, he has 29 years of experience. Today we will talk about him, what he does and what he likes in production.

Since childhood, Serhiy was interested in his father’s work, spent time at the enterprise and from an early age was inspired by his stories about production and work at the factory.

Seriy Alimovych trained as an instrument mechanic, after graduating from the Poltava Vocational and Technical School No. 9, he came to work in his father’s brigade and to this day works as a mechanic in the mechanical assembly works of the turbine spare parts shop.

When he got to the turbo-mechanical plant and got acquainted with the production of power parts by the work of the team – plunged into the life of the workers – he realized that this was his calling and profession!

He immediately joined the team for assembling rotors and diaphragms of steam turbines and began his journey of accumulating knowledge that would later help him become a highly qualified specialist.

His work is very responsible, sometimes creative and individual, but it is the professionalism of generations, knowledge and experience that help in solving all issues.

Orders are different and unique, therefore the terms of production of power parts vary greatly – the urgency of the customer’s request must be taken into account. The energy spare parts production team is constantly working on improving and improving the quality of the products it manufactures.

His father, Alim Serhiyovych, worked at the company for 55 years and took a well-deserved rest at the age of 73, just when he realized that his son had completely mastered his knowledge and skills. He worked as a specialist in the assembly of steam turbines, enjoyed the well-deserved respect of the employees of the turbine spare parts shop.

Now interested grandchildren listen to the grandfather and great-grandfather’s stories about the company, the team and interesting stories at the factory.

Seriy Alimovych is very proud of his work, because in such a difficult time he, with his experience and professionalism, together with a large team of energy spare parts production, provides electricity and heat to the homes of Ukrainians!

So we wish him inspiration, good luck, health and peace!